Maya: Rose is the worst. Rose just adorably giggles through everything.
Kristen: There are scenes where you can just see her laughing.
Maya: That is true. Sort of in her eyes like it’s about to go — it’s like a cough that’s about to happen.

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*me consuming any piece of media* where are the lesbians

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"The problem is… I’m kind of a boring girl, which I really like - I love to cook, I love to play scrabble, I love to hang out with my friends, I love animals, you know. I keep the drama on the screen and that’s why I can totally give myself over to the characters without overtaxing - because my personal life isn’t exhausting."

Orphan Black Meme

7/9 Outfits: Cosima’s red coat.

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@ladygaga: Just left Bikram Hot Yoga Houston, took with Sheri Goodland what a sweetie! Now massage, eat, nap, #artRAVE

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